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 About us 

Our Aim


To create a warm and inviting learning space where students feel safe to express themselves artistically. A space where students are offered expert training and are encouraged and guided towards achieving their goals.

What we do


We specialise in one-on-one singing and paino lessons for all ages and abilities. Students are taught safe singing techniques and are supported and guided towards achieving their goals.


We understand that singing is a very personal form of artistic expression. To sing from the heart requires great courage. We encourage all of our students to stand tall and feel privileged to share this space with each of our students.

Musical theatre school holiday programs are also run from time to time for school students who love to sing, dance and act.

Who we do it for

Our students range from 5 year olds who love to sing, to teens who have dreams of working in the performing arts to 55+ year olds who've always wanted to sing but never got the chance.

Whether you like to sing for fun or have dreams of being a professional performer we are here to help you.

Still unsure if we're the right fit for you? Give Kara a call on 0447 124 592.

Kara Backhous 
A Note From Kara...


"At Willow Studios it is really important to us to create a learning space where students feel safe to express themselves artistically. Everyone needs a mentor, someone who believes in them and can guide them to be their very best. Our expert staff are committed to building this relationship with all of our students." 

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